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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

A program to develop strategic acumen, business agility, customer centricity and how to make a winning move when all your competitors are at par

Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

A program designed for managers to interpret financial statements in a way that helps to take cognizant pricing decisions, sales planning, and investment decisions

Managing Change

Managing Change

A program designed for professionals who are in-charge of change management projects and look to lead such intiatives in a structured way

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Can Indian Startups be globally competitive

Can Indian Startups be Globally Competitive?

While India has banned several Chinese apps, including the highly popular Tik-Tok, it has raised an interesting debate on why Indian apps (and startups) have not achieved the global success that Chinese (and, of course, US) apps have.

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Are you being defined by your labels

Are you being defined by your labels?

Often, we let ourselves be defined by labels, either imposed by others or by ourselves.

Labels can be helpful, but can also limit our potential. How do we ensure that we benefit from the labels without letting them constrain us?

Usha Rangarajan delves into this topic.

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