Episode 9: The Triad of Culture, Strategy and Execution

Peter Drucker is supposed to have said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. In other variants, culture skips breakfast, and goes after strategy for lunch. Of course, there’s a question mark around whether Drucker even said something like this.

However, ask a question comparing Strategy with Culture or with Execution, there are multiple opinions; everyone professes that something is more important than the other. But, is that even the right question?

In this conversation with Gagandeep Singh, we get into the linkages between the three, and how we ought to take a more integrated view of them. Gagan is a consultant and coach in the areas of leadership development and organisation transformation. He has written extensively on these topics and has been a partner with GlobalGyan from day 1. Not one to mince his words, Gagan shares his views on the two debates, and provides suggestions on what leaders must do, particularly during these uncertain times, to strengthen the triad of culture, strategy and execution.

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